Saturday, March 10, 2012

Machida - Do Karate For MMA

DOWNLOAD: Machida - Do Karate For MMA

Machida - Do Karate For MMA

Machida - Do Karate For MMA
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Genre: Video Training

Lyoto Machida, son of karate master Yoshizo Machida, is the same of the top-ranked mixed brave arts competitors in the world. After earning his karate horrible belt at thirteen, he mastered a numerate of other martial arts disciplines, including sumo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Combining techniques from the many disciplines to form an unorthodox and extremely effective fighting style, Machida took the military arts world by storm, defeating mythical mixed martial artists such as BJ Penn, Rich Franklin, and Tito Ortiz. Now, on this account that the first time, Machida divulges the secrets to his revolutionary contention system. Whether you’re new to the martial arts or an experienced fighter, Machida-transact is for you. Detailing everything from stance to tangle combinations to elaborate counterattacks to complicated ground fighting tactics, Machida has left ~t one stone unturned. In Machida-Do, Lyoto Machida shares the warfare system that elevated him to the apex of the MMA mountain.

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