Thursday, March 8, 2012

Supreme Commander 2 v 1.250 (2010/MULTI2/Repack by RG Repacker

DOWNLOAD: Supreme Commander 2 v 1.250 (2010/MULTI2/Repack by RG Repacker

Supreme Commander 2 v 1.250 (2010/MULTI2/Repack by RG Repacker

Supreme Commander 2 v 1.250 (2010/MULTI2/Repack ~ the agency of RG Repacker's)
Year: 2010 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer: Gas Powered Games | Publisher: Square Enix | 4.25 GB
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / 3D

Good epoch, space marines! That time of arbitrament of the sword. 25 years we have kept
easily broken peace, but secretly preparing for state of opposition ... And it came!. Let the enemies try to participate in our new weapons charges, even trepeschat without ceasing the type of the latest contention robots!. Remember - the role of infantry on the battlefield as great of the same kind with before. Destroy the enemy, destroy his forces and defensive dome - we need new territory and opponent resources!. In this war, only individual side will win - and it should be just our nation! Hold on tight, made hard Space Marine commanders. Get ready, strategists futurity wars. You will find a unaccustomed battle, the likes of which has not happened. This declared hostilities will change your idea of ??the battles of the farther future. Lead countless armada of the same of three unique factions and overcome the enemy - in the most global and far-reaching strategy for the last time!

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